Who Owns Ferrari?

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Ferrari, the renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, has captivated automotive enthusiasts worldwide with its high-performance vehicles and exclusive driving experiences. As a symbol of prestige and excellence, Ferrari's ownership structure has drawn significant interest.

This article explores the question, 'Who owns Ferrari?' by examining the company's founding, major shareholders, key partnerships, revenue sources, target customers, and distribution channels.

Through a concise and informative analysis, we aim to shed light on the ownership dynamics behind this iconic brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Exor, the holding company of the Agnelli Family, owns 24% of shares in Ferrari.
  • Piero Ferrari, son of Enzo Ferrari, is a major shareholder in the company.
  • Institutional investors like BlackRock and T. Rowe Price Associates also hold shares in Ferrari.
  • Fiat was the majority owner of Ferrari for decades before the company became independent in 2015.

Enzo Ferrari and the Founding of Ferrari

The founding of Ferrari by Enzo Ferrari is a significant milestone in the history of the automotive industry. Enzo Ferrari's impact on motorsport and Ferrari's racing heritage are key aspects of the brand's identity.

Enzo Ferrari started his career as a race car driver and team manager at Alfa Romeo before founding the Scuderia Ferrari racing team in 1929. His passion for motorsport and dedication to performance excellence laid the foundation for Ferrari's success.

In 1947, Ferrari released its first car, the 125 S, which showcased the brand's commitment to speed and innovation. Today, Ferrari is renowned for its racing pedigree and continues to dominate in Formula 1 racing, a testament to Enzo Ferrari's enduring legacy in the world of motorsport.

Ownership Structure and Major Shareholders

Ferrari's ownership structure and major shareholders play a crucial role in shaping the company's direction and decision-making. The following key points highlight the significance of these factors:

  • Enzo Ferrari's influence on the brand: As the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari's vision and passion for motorsport have shaped the brand's DNA and racing heritage.
  • Ferrari's relationship with Formula 1: The company's involvement in Formula 1 racing activities not only enhances its brand exposure but also provides access to advanced technology and engineering expertise.
  • Piero Ferrari's role in the company's ownership structure: As the son of Enzo Ferrari, Piero Ferrari holds a significant stake in the company, ensuring the preservation of the family's legacy and influence.
  • The impact of key partnerships on Ferrari's success: Collaborations with luxury brands for limited-edition products and partnerships with suppliers for premium materials contribute to Ferrari's exclusivity and high demand.
  • The financial performance of Ferrari in the luxury car market: Despite limited production numbers, Ferrari has achieved a strong financial performance, generating substantial revenue and net profit.
  • The distribution channels used by Ferrari to reach its target customers: Ferrari utilizes authorized dealerships and showrooms worldwide, as well as online configurators and customization services, to provide an exclusive and personalized buying experience for its affluent customer base.
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Key Partnerships and Collaborations

Ferrari has forged strategic alliances and collaborations with various partners to enhance its brand exclusivity and expand its offerings. The company collaborates with suppliers to ensure the use of premium materials and components in its luxury vehicles. Ferrari also forms partnerships in Formula 1 racing, such as with Scuderia Ferrari, to gain access to advanced technology and increase brand exposure. Additionally, the company engages in collaborations with luxury brands to create limited-edition products that further enhance its exclusivity. These key partnerships and collaborations contribute to Ferrari's ability to deliver high-quality vehicles and maintain its position as a leader in the luxury sports car market.

Key Partnerships and Collaborations Description
Supplier collaborations Collaborations with suppliers to source premium materials and components
Formula 1 partnerships Partnerships in Formula 1 racing for technology and brand exposure

Revenue Sources and Market Performance

Ferrari's revenue sources and market performance showcase the company's financial strength and continued success in the luxury sports car industry.

  • Revenue streams: Ferrari generates income primarily through the sale of its luxury vehicles, but also from customization options, brand licensing, Formula 1 racing activities, and limited-edition models sold at premium prices.
  • Market performance: Despite limited production numbers, Ferrari has achieved strong financial performance, generating over €3.7 billion ($4.3 billion) in revenue in 2019, with a net profit of €699 million. The company sold 10,131 cars in 2019, with Europe and the Middle East as its largest markets.
  • Impact of Formula 1: Ferrari's involvement in Formula 1 racing activities enhances its brand value and contributes to its market performance. The racing heritage and success on the track help to solidify Ferrari's reputation as a leader in the luxury sports car industry.
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Target Customers and Distribution Channels

In order to reach its exclusive and affluent customer base, the luxury sports car manufacturer employs a variety of distribution channels. Ferrari caters to high-net-worth individuals, collectors, enthusiasts, and those seeking luxury and high-performance automobiles.

The target demographic consists of individuals seeking luxury, speed, and status in their automobiles. Customer segments include high-net-worth individuals, luxury car collectors, racing enthusiasts, and brand-conscious consumers.

Ferrari distributes its luxury vehicles through authorized dealerships and showrooms worldwide, ensuring a personalized buying experience. The company also offers online configurators and customization services, enhancing customer customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the History of Enzo Ferrari and His Involvement in the Founding of Ferrari?

Enzo Ferrari played a pivotal role in founding Ferrari. As a former race car driver and team manager, he established Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 and later launched the first Ferrari car in 1947. His passion for motorsport and racing heritage greatly influenced the brand's success.

Who Are the Current Major Shareholders and Owners of Ferrari?

Ferrari's major shareholders and owners are a significant aspect of the company's ownership structure. Understanding their identities and stakes in the company provides insights into its stability, decision-making, and long-term vision.

Can You Provide Examples of Key Partnerships and Collaborations That Ferrari Has Formed?

Ferrari has formed key partnerships and collaborations in various areas. These include collaborations with luxury brands for limited-edition products, partnerships in Formula 1 racing for technology and brand exposure, and collaborations with suppliers for premium materials and components.

How Does Ferrari Generate Revenue Aside From the Sale of Luxury Vehicles?

Ferrari generates revenue through various sources, including luxury car sales, customization services, brand licensing, Formula 1 activities, and limited-edition model sales. The company also forms brand collaborations to create exclusive and limited-edition products.

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What Are Some Unique Characteristics of Ferrari's Target Customers and How Does the Company Distribute Its Vehicles to Them?

Ferrari's target customers are exclusive and affluent individuals seeking luxury, speed, and status in their automobiles. The company distributes its vehicles through authorized dealerships, showrooms, online configurators, and offers bespoke customization services.


In conclusion, Ferrari, the esteemed Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, has established itself as a prominent player in the automotive industry.

With a focus on delivering a unique and exclusive driving experience, the company offers a wide range of high-performance sports cars and grand tourers.

Through its extensive customization options, limited-edition models, and partnerships, Ferrari caters to an exclusive and affluent customer base.

With a stable ownership structure and diverse revenue sources, Ferrari continues to thrive and maintain its legacy as a symbol of prestige and excellence in the automotive world.

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