How Does Getir Make Money? The Getir Business Model In A Nutshell

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In the cutthroat world of online grocery delivery, one company has managed to rise above the competition with an astonishing feat: delivering groceries in just 10 minutes. Getir, the brainchild of founders Serkan Borancili, Tuncay Tutek, Dogancan Dalyan, and Nazim Salur, has revolutionized the industry by offering a unique and efficient service.

But how does Getir make money? In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of their business model, uncovering the secrets behind their remarkable success and rapid growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Getir operates as a dark supermarket operator, selling items at a 10% premium compared to traditional supermarkets.
  • The majority of Getir's revenue is generated through margins, as they mark up items for sale by approximately 10%.
  • Getir charges a flat delivery fee on orders above a specific threshold, with delivery fees varying by country served.
  • Getir has experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently valued at $7.5 billion.

Getir's Origins and Inspiration

Getir was founded by Serkan Borancili, Tuncay Tutek, Dogancan Dalyan, and Nazim Salur with the inspiration of fast food delivery similar to hailing taxis.

Launched in 2014, when online grocery delivery was not common in Turkey, Getir aimed to revolutionize the industry by delivering goods within 10 minutes, providing a competitive advantage.

The founders recognized the convenience and efficiency of hailing a taxi and wanted to replicate that experience for fast food and grocery delivery.

Despite initial challenges, such as marketing campaigns and recruiting early adopters, Getir successfully established itself as a leading player in the industry.

The origins and inspiration behind Getir's founding highlight the founders' vision for efficient, on-demand delivery services in the fast-paced world we live in today.

Early Challenges and Overcoming Them

After establishing themselves as a leading player in the industry, the founders of Getir faced a series of early challenges that required strategic solutions for their business to thrive. These challenges included:

  • Recruiting strategies: As Getir aimed to deliver within 10 minutes, they needed a reliable and efficient workforce. They implemented innovative recruiting strategies to attract employees who could handle the fast-paced nature of their operations.
  • Marketing campaigns: In a market where online grocery delivery was not common, Getir had to create awareness and convince customers to try their service. They launched targeted marketing campaigns to showcase the convenience and speed of their deliveries, attracting early adopters and building a loyal customer base.
  • Scaling operations: As Getir experienced rapid growth, they had to quickly scale their operations to meet increasing demand. This involved expanding their network of dark supermarkets, optimizing their supply chain, and ensuring seamless delivery logistics.

Dark Supermarket Operation

Having overcome initial challenges, the founders of Getir established a successful and influential presence in the online grocery delivery market through their innovative dark supermarket operation. Getir operates a network of dark supermarkets, also known as dark stores, where items are marked up by approximately 10% compared to traditional supermarkets. This pricing strategy allows Getir to generate a majority of its revenue through margins.

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By leasing warehouses for these dark stores, Getir avoids the costs typically associated with owning and operating physical supermarkets. This operational efficiency improvement enables Getir to increase its profit margins.

Furthermore, Getir charges a flat delivery fee on orders above a specific threshold, varying by country served. This fee structure, combined with the dark supermarket operation, has contributed to Getir's success and rapid growth in the online grocery delivery market.

However, challenges in scaling the dark supermarket operation efficiently may arise as demand increases.

Markups and Revenue Generation

The pricing strategy employed by Getir, with markups of approximately 10% compared to traditional supermarkets, allows for a majority of its revenue to be generated through margins. This strategy is a key element of Getir's business model, enabling them to achieve profitability while offering fast delivery services.

Here are three key points about Getir's pricing strategy and revenue generation:

  • Competitive advantage through fast delivery: Getir's ability to deliver groceries within 10 minutes gives them a unique selling point in the market. Customers are willing to pay a premium for the convenience and speed of Getir's service.
  • Higher margins due to markups: By selling items at a 10% premium compared to traditional supermarkets, Getir can generate higher profit margins. This approach allows them to cover operational costs and invest in further growth.
  • Revenue generation through margins: The majority of Getir's revenue comes from the profit margins earned on the products they sell. This revenue stream is crucial for sustaining their business and expanding their operations.

Getir's pricing strategy and competitive advantage in fast delivery have been instrumental in their success as a leading player in the online grocery delivery market.

Leasing Warehouses for Dark Stores

Getir enhances its profit margins by leasing warehouses for dark stores. This strategic warehousing strategy allows Getir to optimize its operations and increase efficiency. By leasing warehouses, Getir avoids the costs associated with owning and maintaining these facilities, which positively impacts its profit margins.

Dark stores, or fulfillment centers, are strategically located to enable quick and efficient delivery to customers. These warehouses are stocked with a wide range of products, enabling Getir to meet customer demands promptly. This approach not only reduces delivery times but also minimizes transportation costs.

Flat Delivery Fees

To further optimize its revenue streams, Getir implements a straightforward pricing structure by charging customers a flat delivery fee for their orders. This delivery fee structure allows Getir to generate additional income while providing convenience to customers. Here are three key points about Getir's flat delivery fees:

  • Flat fee: Getir charges a fixed delivery fee for each order, regardless of the order size or distance. This simplicity makes it easier for customers to understand and plan their expenses.
  • Varying fees: The delivery fees vary by country served, taking into account factors such as local market conditions and competition. This allows Getir to remain competitive while covering its delivery costs.
  • Impact of competition: Getir's delivery fees are influenced by the competitive landscape. In markets with intense competition, Getir may adjust its fees to attract and retain customers, ensuring its prices remain competitive in the industry.
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Varying Delivery Fees by Country

Varying delivery fees by country depend on factors such as local market conditions and competition. Getir's delivery fee structure is designed to be flexible and responsive to the unique dynamics of each market it serves. By tailoring delivery fees to local conditions, Getir aims to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure profitability.

The company conducts thorough market research to understand the demand, customer preferences, and competitive landscape in each country. This enables them to set delivery fees that are attractive to customers while also covering operational costs and generating revenue.

Additionally, Getir may adjust its delivery fees over time to adapt to changes in the market and stay ahead of the competition. By strategically varying delivery fees by country, Getir maximizes its chances of success in each market it enters.

Grocery Sales and Margins

The profitability of Getir's business model relies heavily on its grocery sales and the margins it generates. Here are three key points to understand about Getir's grocery sales and margins:

  • Dark supermarkets: Getir operates a network of dark supermarkets, which allows them to sell groceries without the overhead costs of owning physical stores. This enables them to achieve higher profit margins compared to traditional supermarkets.
  • Marked-up prices: Getir sells items at a premium of approximately 10% compared to traditional supermarkets. This markup contributes to their revenue and helps cover the costs associated with their fast and convenient grocery delivery service.
  • Competitive advantage: Getir's ability to deliver groceries within 10 minutes gives them a significant competitive advantage. This speed and convenience factor attracts customers and allows them to charge higher prices, further contributing to their profit margins.

Growth and Valuation During the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Getir experienced significant growth and saw its valuation reach $7.5 billion.

The pandemic created a surge in demand for online grocery delivery services, and Getir capitalized on this opportunity by providing fast and efficient delivery of essential items.

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The company's expansion plans played a crucial role in its growth during this time. Getir leveraged its technology-driven business model to quickly scale its operations and meet the increased demand.

The impact of technology on Getir's growth cannot be overstated. Its user-friendly mobile app and advanced logistics system allowed for seamless order placement and delivery, resulting in a positive customer experience.

This, coupled with its ability to deliver within 10 minutes, made Getir a preferred choice for customers seeking convenience and safety during the pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Getir Come up With the Idea of Fast Food Delivery Similar to Hailing Taxis?

Getir founders were inspired by the concept of fast food delivery similar to hailing taxis, aiming to disrupt the taxi industry. They innovatively applied this concept to online grocery delivery, which was not common in Turkey at the time.

What Were Some of the Initial Challenges That Getir Faced and How Did They Overcome Them?

Getir faced initial challenges such as marketing and recruiting early adopters. However, they overcame these obstacles through effective marketing campaigns and targeting early adopters, which helped them establish a strong presence and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

How Does Getir Operate as a Dark Supermarket Operator and What Are the Advantages of This Model?

Getir operates as a dark supermarket operator, selling items at a premium and charging delivery fees. This model allows them to increase profit margins by leasing warehouses for dark stores and avoiding typical owner/operator costs. The advantages include higher margins and efficient operations.

What Is the Markup Percentage That Getir Applies to the Items It Sells Compared to Traditional Supermarkets?

Getir applies a 10% markup on items sold compared to traditional supermarkets, ensuring competitive pricing. This allows them to generate revenue primarily through margins, while the dark supermarket model and delivery fees further contribute to their profitability.

How Does Getir Determine the Delivery Fees It Charges to Customers and Do They Vary by Country?

Delivery fees charged by Getir are determined based on factors such as location and order value. These fees may vary by country, ensuring that the company accounts for differences in operating costs and market conditions.


In conclusion, Getir has successfully capitalized on the demand for fast and convenient online grocery delivery by implementing a dark supermarket operation and strategic revenue generation strategies.

By offering quick delivery times and leasing warehouses for dark stores, Getir has been able to increase profit margins and establish itself as a prominent player in the industry.

Its substantial growth and valuation during the COVID-19 pandemic further demonstrate the effectiveness of its business model.

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